Executive Profile

Founder and Principal Developer at Suwanee Creek Software, creating a product to analyze large C and C++ applications.  Formerly COO and Founding Partner of $6 million industrial software company where I was actively involved in all areas of the business – software development, marketing, management, financial control, contract negotiations and hiring and HR issues.

Skill Highlights

  • Programming, Application Design and Project Management
  • Consulting and Services, Hardware & Software Evaluation
  • Emerging Technologies, Information System Architecture and Planning, MIS/Systems Development
  • Industrial Automation, HMI/SCADA and Manufacturing Systems
  • Research Development and Engineering
  • Graphics Programming, Communications Drivers
  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • Contract Proposal, Negotiation & Administration
  • Partnership Agreements, Strategic Alliances
  • Technical Sector Project Management
  • Start-Up/New Venture Management, Business Plans, Venture Capital and Financing
  • Marketing and Sales, Press Relations, writing Company Releases, Articles and Application Stories
  • Thin Client and Terminal Services technology


Core Accomplishments

Business Development:

  • Created partnership programs hardware vendors, software companies and integrators.
  • Created corporate co-marketing, distributor, partner and reseller agreements.
  • Developed and cultivated worldwide distribution channel.
  • Secured all corporate trademarks.
  • Actively involved in two technology startup companies from inception.

Fiscal Management:

  • Managed all financial activities and operations as company grew to $6 million annual revenue.
  • Accountable for all P&L and financial planning.
  • Produced corporate financial reports and metrics.
  • Produced company business plans.
  • Held final signature authority on all financial decisions.


  • Active in software development professionally for over 30 years.
  • Worked in many programming languages, from very high level down to machine code.
  • Specialties include industrial control and factory automation systems, graphics, communications, and software optimization
  • Currently developing a 40K line Software Analysis and Metrics product in C++.

Expert Witness:

  • Qualified Technical Expert on industrial software misappropriation and trade secret infringement suit, billing over 1,300 hours of my time. Case involved 3 products with a combined 1.1 million lines of C code.  Some products had as many as 75 versions, greatly increasing the lines of code examined.  Assisted with deposition prep and interviews. Attended multiple depositions and was deposed by opposing counsel.  Also asked to evaluate the software for possible patent infringement.  Final report and rebuttals contained 120 pages with additional exhibits of almost 1,000 pages.
  • Evaluated Emergency Room Simulation software written in “R” to determine if possible patent infringement existed.

Programming Languages

Proficient in C, C++, Fortran, Basic and Assembly.  Have worked professionally in Visual Basic, Java, HTML, PLC Ladder Logic and various HMI software.  Have programmed in Objective C, PL/I, and COBOL.

Professional Experience

Suwanee Creek Software
January 2013 to present
Vice President
Suwanee, GA

Founded Suwanee Creek Software primarily to develop and bring to market an analysis tool for large C and C++ applications.  The product, ClearStream, is an object-oriented metrics tool that analyzes source code to create a visual, class-centered architectural model.  It locates classes and functions in the target software and shows how they relate to each other in a graphical format.  It is useful for customers who need to identify unused (and overused) classes in their own software, monitor the development of a large project, maintain or update legacy software, search for useful components in the wealth of Open Source software available online, check for software similarities among large products, or evaluate large software before investing in a company.  ClearStream also produces traditional software metrics and reports.

Technical Accomplishments:

  • Product architecture and design.
  • Writing and modifying thousands of lines of C++ software using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Writing test software and producing test cases.
  • Developing documentation and help libraries.
  • Creating supporting system utilities in C++ and Visual Basic
  • Analyzing hundreds of thousands of lines of C and C++ Open Source software.
  • Served as a qualified technical expert on large software misappropriation case.

Automation Control Products (ACP)
February 1997 to August 2012
Chief Operating Officer
Alpharetta, GA

Partnered with two Georgia Tech graduates to form an industrial integration firm which ultimately developed a Thin Client management software product called ThinManager. ThinManager became the top-selling industrial Thin Client management software in the world, used by 10% of the Fortune 500 companies and installed in over 30 countries. During my tenure, I worked as a programmer and systems integrator, Project Manager, VP of Marketing, General Manager and finally Chief Operating Officer.  ACP was purchased by Rockwell Automation in 2016.

Technical Accomplishments:

  • Developed HMI screens with Wonderware, Visual Basic, WinCC and GE/Intellution software.
  • Wrote serial and communication drivers and device drivers, including drivers to run in NT Kernel Mode.
  • Wrote PLC code for machine control.
  • Wrote interface software for factory equipment, including scales, barcode readers/printers, motor controllers, high-speed cameras, proximity sensors and pulse counters.
  • Created Time and Attendance software package.
  • Located and purchased hardware directly from vendors in Taiwan for sale in the US.
  • Had numerous articles published in industry magazines on Thin Client technology

Process Control Corporation
August 1990 to February 1997
Software Development Manager
Buford, Georgia

Process Control is a leading manufacturer of equipment designed to blend plastic ingredients for use by any continuous or batch plastics production system – blown film, fiber, laminates, injection molding, etc. Started as a programmer and moved up to management.


  • Managed a software development team and all software projects for the company.
  • Wrote and optimized embedded software for machine control systems in C, C++ and Assembly language.
  • Developed algorithms and software to read continuous weighing strain gauges.
  • Created a proprietary network communication protocol to monitor and control equipment.
  • Developed Wonderware based HMI control screens.
  • Wrote an initial version of Integrated Real-Time Trending, Material Management, and Monitoring Program.
  • Developed advanced equipment user interface and added multiple language capability.
  • Developed and implemented PID control loop for continuous material feeding.
  • Implemented revision control software and bug tracking system.
  • Wrote documentation and visited manufacturing plants worldwide to review specific customer installations.
  • Designed new version of mechanical filler valve, built and tested prototype.

Independent Consultant
February 1996 to August 1996
Suwanee, Georgia

Hired as a consultant to develop a prototype GPS based traffic logging and analysis system. Embedded software written in C, hardware built from various SBC boards. Once the design was finished and components were purchased the prototype was delivered in about 3 months.

jhk & Associates
September 1983 to August 1990
Senior Systems Engineer

jhk & Associates was a traffic engineering firm with offices across the US. In addition to basic traffic analysis and reporting we installed large computer controlled traffic systems for cities such as Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta, GA, Denver, CO, Portland, OR, Ottawa Canada.


  • Developed an interactive drawing program to allow traffic engineers to graphically represent city streets and intersections.
  • Added the ability to create dynamic elements that automatically reflect changes in large traffic system databases.
  • Created displays to allow visualization of traffic flow – speed, occupancy, volume and signalization.
  • Wrote communication and graphics drivers for PCs and mini-computers.
  • Wrote interface code for various traffic control devices.
  • Designed and developed user interface software.
  • Analyzed and responded to government bid requests.


Auburn University
Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science
Auburn, AL, USA

Auburn University’s Computer Engineering degree was a combination of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Focus was on embedded control systems and microprocessors.


  • Politically active, running three Tea Parties in the Atlanta area
  • Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cincinnati in 2016
  • Congressional Candidate in 2012
  • Ran for State Representative, Georgia
  • Elder, and member of Music Ministry, Perimeter Church
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt, Taekwondo

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